dangerama! by danger_slater

DangerAMA! cover

dangerama! is the name of a collection of three novellas by a writer called danger slater. (that’s right. his name is actually danger slater. and his book is also called dangerama!) these novellas are weird, strange, and odd. they are also bizarre, unusual, and fantastical.

the first novella is called “knights of the white castle” and concerns the exploits of a mad scientist. bring on the time-travel, over-the-top dialog, and rapping dinosaurs.

the second is about a guy who sleepwalks. it’s called “somnambulant,” and features a gay will smith, a biblical whale-escape, and as “superterrorist”.

the third novella is called “me & me & me & me & me & me & me & me”. this one is about space travel, of course.

when i started reading these stories, i didn’t much expect to enjoy them. i like weird but i don’t like weird for the sake of weird, and that’s what i anticipated. however, throughout the collection i found myself continually laughing at slater’s deployment of humor. on the surface it seems, well, shallow. yet not only is it laugh-out-loud funny, it is also quite clever in places.


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