review policy

here are some things you need to know about my review policy:

#1 i will review what i choose to review, and i will be unflinchingly honest in doing so. in other words, if i like it, i shall sing its praises, and if i think it sucks balls, then i shall tell the world that its author should climb back up inside his mother and wait until he’s ready to try again.

#2 if i buy a book (something contemporary), then i may review it. however…

#3 if you want me to review your book, i will take that under consideration. you may write to me at onlyindiereview [at] gmail (dot) com. i have no interest in books by major publishers. this is “only indie review”. not “only mainstream vampire romance bullshit review.” so…

#4 i will consider anything by a small press, or even self-publishers. i reserve the right to read but not review anything due to the fact that it bores me.


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